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Local governments interact with people in their daily lives more intimately than any other form of government. Attorneys representing local governments face unique challenges that lawyers in the private sector do not, and must stay informed about ever-changing and expanding legal problems. IMLA provides a set of tools for local government attorneys assisting them in formulating and applying municipal laws while anticipating and reacting to changes in federal and state law impacting local governments. We invite you to discover more of our services by viewing our benefits below.

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Save With IMLA

IMLA’s Mid-Year Seminar and Annual Conference are the organization’s flagship membership events. Both events provide cutting-edge, in the know programming with an unbeatable opportunity to network with local government attorneys throughout the U.S. and Canada. Not only do IMLA members receive discounts on the Mid-Year Seminar and Annual Conference, but you also get discounts on anything we provide to local government attorneys. In addition to discounts on the Seminar and Annual Conference members also get discounts on our distance learning programs and any other events. Our distance learning programs provide huge CLE savings to IMLA members who receive 10 free webinars per year.

Stay in the know with IMLA

IMLA provides a minimum of 40 distance learning events each year and 10 of them are free for IMLA members. As an IMLA member you are automatically subscribed to our Bi-Monthly magazine, the Municipal Lawyer, as well as Electronic Newsletters to be sure you are kept up-to-date on IMLA events and breaking news in municipal law with our bi-weekly case summaries. Years of IMLA webinars are available on-demand for quick on-the-go learning. Committees and Working Groups will host regular calls on issues of interest to a group of members, to educate and problem-solve. With an extensive archive spanning a decade of articles, case summaries, and conference materials, IMLA is sure to keep you in the know and get you up to speed for all your municipal law needs!

Network with IMLA

IMLA has a network of over 6,500 members from all 50 states, Canada and more! Our members include city attorneys, county attorneys, corporation counsel, city solicitors, law directors, law firm attorneys and more, whose experience and specialties span the local government law. Our listservs and working groups are formed around hot topics for attorneys to share problems, solutions and experiences with one another. We have over 30 listservs available to members to communicate, problem-solve and connect with one another around specific subject matters. Our sections and committees meet at our Annual Conference to stay as up-to-date as possible. Our invaluable network of members is regarded as one of the most beneficial services IMLA provides.

Gain resources & support with IMLA

IMLA is continuously developing new resources for our membership, collaborating with members to determine what would be most helpful and forming teams to produce model ordinances and guidance documents. All of these materials are available at the click of a button in our resource library at—and as a member you have access to the library 24/7! IMLA also files amicus briefs on behalf of members in cases of national importance, both to help advance the responsible development of municipal law and to support members with their litigation. At stake are issues of great significance to local governments, including federal and state preemption, qualified immunity, takings, zoning, speech, religion, firearms, taxation, and much more. IMLA is here to assist you.

Some Resources include:

  • Manual Towards Community Supported Animal Sheltering
  • Model Social Media Policy
  • Sign Code
  • Model Dangerous Dog Ordinance
  • Model City/County Attorney Retainer Agreement