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US eNews

eNews is delivered electronically to your desk or mobile device monthly by IMLA. eNews summarizes various recent local government decisions, covering such issues as First Amendment, taxation, qualified immunity, excessive force, RLUIPA, zoning, adult entertainment, open meetings, search and seizure, telecommunications, municipal finance, environmental, pre-emption, education, firearms, and much more. eNews draws from state and federal courts across the country and profiles decisions in small and medium-sized jurisdictions as well as major cities.

Canada eNews

eNews Canada is delivered electronically to your desk or mobile device once per month by IMLA. eNews Canada summarizes significant decisions from the prior month, covering the spectrum of legal issues facing Canadian municipal law practitioners.

IMLA members have access to an extensive archive in the Resource Library with hundreds of cases covered in eNews, searchable by case name, jurisdiction, subject matter and date.

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