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IMLA Careers is a new service unveiled by IMLA and is the primary and easy-to-use online resource for all your local government law career searches.

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IMLA Careers is free to all job seekers and provides you with access to the best employers and jobs in the local government community.

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With over 2500 members, IMLA Careers offers the most targeted advertising for your job openings.

* In order to utilize IMLA Careers, IMLA members and non-members must first register with IMLA Careers. Upon registering, you will be assigned a IMLA Careers Login and Password, which is separate from your MyIMLA login ID and password.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to register for IMLA Careers if I already have a MyIMLA account?
IMLA Careers is open to both IMLA members and non-members. The database it draws on is separate from the membership database, so individuals wishing to utilize IMLA Careers must fill out a registration form in order to populate the database with their information. In order to protect those areas of the Website but make IMLA Careers accessible to anyone, a separate database of users is required. This allows open use of the system, while protecting other IMLA member services and materials.

Do I have to pay an additional fee to register?
No. There is no registration fee required for IMLA Careers if you are a job seeker.

Can I change my login information to be the same as my member login information?
Yes. If you click on the “Change Password” option on your IMLA careers account it will give you the option of changing your user name and password. Your user name and password can be any sequence of letters and numbers you choose.