Home Rule Teaching Module

Is your office hosting a law student extern this summer?

IMLA is pleased to announce a new member benefit in partnership with Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law. Please feel free to share this online teaching module with your law students and new attorneys to help them understand the basics of home rule issues.

This online course takes approximately 1.5-2 hours and covers the fundamentals of local autonomy

About the Course

This online mini-course introduces and explores the topic of home rule, the delegation of legal autonomy to local governments by their respective state government. Included are selected readings and resources on home rule, two instructional videos, an online quiz (with additional feedback for your answers, correct or incorrect), and an opportunity to review the course and provide feedback so we can improve this effort going forward.

Course Goals

  • Explain the difference between Dillon’s Rule and the Inherent Right Doctrine.
  • Explain the history and development of home rule in the United States.
  • Determine the basic parameters of your client’s local autonomy about the evolution (or not) of home rule for that jurisdiction.
  • Identify the three basic forms of home rule.
  • Recognize when home rule is being used affirmatively (the sword function) or defensively (the shield function).
  • Identify terms and phrases used to describe the scope and breadth of home rule.
  • Apply a four step, basic home rule analysis to determine whether existing law allows a local government to act.
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