Announcing the New Local Government Legal Center

Announcing the New Local Government Legal Center

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The National Association of Counties (NACo), the National League of Cities (NLC), the International Municipal Lawyers Association (IMLA) and Government Finance Officers (GFOA) are pleased to announce the formation of a new coalition known as the Local Government Legal Center (LGLC). NACo, NLC, and IMLA are founding members of the LGLC and GFOA is an associate member of the LGLC.

The LGLC will provide a strong and unified local government voice before the U.S. Supreme Court and lower courts in cases that are of consequence to municipal operations. The LGLC will also serve as a resource for local governments regarding the Supreme Court, providing education to local governments regarding the Supreme Court and its impact on local governments and local officials.

Matt Chase, NACo’s Executive Director, explained: “As the national voice of America’s county governments, the National Association of Counties is proud to partner with NLC and IMLA to ensure the priorities and viewpoints of local officials are represented before our nation’s highest court. As the U.S. Supreme Court addresses some of the most complex public policy issues of the day, it is essential that our county officials are aware of the Supreme Court’s docket and offer our perspectives on the practical, frontline realities on county-related legal issues.”

“The National League of Cities places a strong value in our legal advocacy program, recognizing the voice of local leaders in the courts presents a sound and persuasive legal argument on principles and issues important to good municipal government,” said Clarence E. Anthony, NLC CEO and Executive Director. “By entering into a partnership with the International Municipal Lawyers Association in collaboration with the National Association of Counties we are excited to continue to advance our legal goals and ensure needs of cities, towns and villages are considered as the Supreme Court and lower courts rule on cases of consequence to our communities.”

Amanda Karras, IMLA’s Executive Director, stated the following regarding the importance of the LGLC: “Local government attorneys know as well as anyone how important persuasive advocacy is and how a lack of a voice in an important case at the Supreme Court could be devastating for local governments.  IMLA is therefore pleased to be a part of the LGLC to help continue our long history of advocacy on behalf of local governments and to help elevate advocacy efforts of local governments at the Supreme Court.  We believe that by joining together with the other members of the LGLC, local governments will be well served before the Supreme Court.”

“GFOA is pleased to support The Local Government Legal Center as an associate member,” said Chris Morrill, GFOA’s Executive Director. “Supreme Court cases can impact local government finances, hindering the ability to serve their citizens. Therefore, it is critical to our members that skilled legal minds monitor Supreme Court cases and, when necessary, provide strong advocacy for local governments. We are fortunate that IMLA has this expertise and experience and has stepped forward to lead these efforts.”

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