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2011 World Jurist Association Biennial Congress - Prague



National Legal Cultures in a Globalized World 


OCTOBER 23 - 28, 2011 

What is the WJA Biennial Congress?

The WJA Biennial Congresses are an important tradition in the international legal community.  With a tradition of almost 50 years, our goal is to raise support for institutions of law and provide a unique dynamic and open forum for legal professionals to share their experiences, exchange ideas and learn from their colleagues regarding the Rule of Law and its use to promote world peace. “A world ruled by law, not force” has been the WJA´s mission since its founding.

The WJA will bring together over 1000 distinguished lawmakers, legal practitioners, educators and other professionals from around the world increasingly called upon for policy and judicial expertise when working to promote the rule of law. This Congress will examine a range of perspectives inseeking to promote world peace through the Rule of Law. Speakers will be presenting on numerous international topics from the global, worldwide vantage point, always in consideration of the cross-cultural aspects at the intersection from legal cultures that are defined by their divergent historical and social genesis.

Your participation is important to the success of the program, and we would be greatly honored if you could share your breadth of knowledge with us. Unfortunately, we are unable to reimburse speakers for their expenses, and we do ask that speakers register in order to be able to participate in the Congress’ full program.  However, as a speaker, you will be exposed to an international audience of over 1000 legal and other professionals from more than 40 nations.  This is a truly unique opportunity that should not be missed.


Prior to COB June 24 Members and Spouses at $400 each.  After June 24 Members and Spouses at $500 each. Registration Form AVAILABLE HERE 

Please see our Congress Program by CLICKING HERE.  

Call for Speakers

The Organizing Committee forthe World Jurist Association's 24th Biennial Congress on the Law of the World - National Legal Cultures in a Globalized World to be held in Prague, Czech Republic - October 23-28, 2011 is now accepting proposals from qualified speakers.

WJA and IMLA have a long and fruitful partnership, and we are proud to once again be partnering with IMLA.  This year WJA will feature a full day of programming on topics of interest to local governments around the world. IMLA will be the host of these panels and we welcome proposals from IMLA members that further our theme. Additionally, IMLA members may submit proposals to speak on any topic of interest.

All proposals should include a brief (ideally not more than 800 words) abstract of the paper and a short description of the 15-20 minute oral presentation that will be delivered at the Congress.

Please submit your proposal via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Chair of the IMLA International Committee, Ben Griffith notes:

Over the past two decades a significant number of IMLA members have taken part as speakers and participants in WJA meetings in the Mideast, China, Australia, Ireland, Scotland, Central Europe, the Ukraine, and that truly exotic never-never land, Los Angeles. We have shared our knowledge, experiences and expertise with lawyers and judges from scores of other nations. We have participated with our international counterparts in panel presentations on such subjects as land use, takings jurisprudence, emergency management best practices, governance issues post-disaster, human trafficking, anti-discrimination laws, civil law-common law comparisons of state and local government systems, national-state-local intergovernmental relationships, transparency of electoral systems, international election principles, human rights issues, government corruption and a host of other subjects that center on the rule of law and democracy.

I can tell you that this international exposure has had an impact on my own career as a local government attorney. It has broadened my perspective and enhanced my practice in civil rights, institutional and voting rights litigation. It has opened up entirely new areas of comparative law and shown how much we American legal professionals have to learn from our brothers and sisters in Edinburgh, Nigeria, South Africa, Kiev, Beijing, Dublin and Israel.  And they have much to learn from us. IMLA's International Committee provides a great foundation for IMLA members to participate in planning for WJA conferences like the one coming up in October in Prague, and it enables us to share our WJA experiences with other members of the International Municipal Lawyers Association.You might say that we are doing our best to keep the "International" in IMLA, and in more than a nominal way. 

The upcoming Biennial Congress in Prague promises to be one of the best attended and an exciting program for our group of IMLA attorneys and judges. CLE programs come and go, but this one will stand out among the rest. You will meet your counterparts in national, state and municipal government and have an opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise with them.

I realize the cost, logistics and planning incident to participating in this kind of international conference can be daunting, but those of us who have done this several times can assure you that the long-term benefits, the adventure of speaking with a group of law professionals from all over the world and depth of shared knowledge far outweigh the costs. I encourage you to do everything possible to join our IMLA delegation for the WJA Biennial Congress in Prague. You will be amongfriends.”  Ben Griffith