Municipal Members (USA)

Municipal Members in IMLA are cities, towns, villages, and townships represented by their chief legal officer.


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Service and Benefits

  • The chief legal officers, all deputies, and all assistants can join under the municipal membership and receive all member benefits free of charge*
  • Networking opportunities with local government lawyers from across the United States and Canada
  • Assistance through Legal Research Service
  • Assistance through IMLA's Legal Advocacy Program
  • Subscription to Municipal Lawyer magazine
  • Subscription to weekly electronic newsletters
  • Access to the Model Construction Documents*
  • Timely and relevant CLE programs
  • Reduced registration rate for attendance at all IMLA conferences, seminars and audio-conferences
  • BMI- Music Licensing Discount*
  • Membership for chief legal officers and all deputies and assistants in up to three IMLA sections at no additional cost
  • All IMLA mailings
  • Access to the password protected sections of the IMLA website
  • Ability to vote for and serve on the Board of Directors or as an officer*

 These benefits are ONLY available to community members of IMLA.


Dues are based on population as follows:

Population Price   Population Price
Under 5,000 $375         Up to 15,000 $480
15,001-35,000 $625   35,001-50,000 $695
50,001-75,000 $865   75,000-100,000 $1025
100,001-125,000    $1190     125,001-150,000   $1355
150,001-175,000 $1460   175,001-200,000 $1685
200,001-300,000 $2145   300,001-400,000 $2375
400,001-500,000 $2975   500,001-750,000 $3665
750,001-800,000 $5125   800,001 and up $6160

Minor increases in dues for municipal and county members generally may occur on an annual basis and are linked with increases in the Consumer Price Index.


Click here to access the registration form to become a member today!