What is IMLA Lite?

In 2008, IMLA introduced IMLA Lite, a new program intended to allow smaller communities that are members of their state leagues or associations to become quasi-members of IMLA at a reduced rate.


Who is eligible for IMLA Lite?

Municipalities with populations below 2500 are eligible for IMLA Lite.


What are my IMLA Lite Benefits?

The benefits of this quasi-membership include the IMLA e-newsletters, the Municipal Lawyer magazine and the ability to register for an IMLA program as a member. This is a significant cost savings for attorneys in small communities who need CLE credits. IMLA Lite members will not get the right to vote or serve on the board.


How do I sign up and how much does it cost?

The purpose of IMLA Lite is to provide the essential services of IMLA at a budget price. Each state league and/or association who are members of IMLA have the opportunity to sign up for IMLA Lite. If a state league and/or association chooses to sign up for IMLA Lite, the league/association will pay just $50 per community (with populations less than 2500) up to a maximum cost of $3000 per year. For example, if you have 10 communities to sign up for IMLA Lite, then your cost is $500. If you have 60 communities, then your cost is $3000. If you have 80 communities, your cost is capped at $3000.

In all cases, the municipality must be a member of the league or association that is currently an IMLA member.

If your state league/association does not want to participate in the program, any community that is a member of the respective league can still sign up for IMLA Lite for a fee of $150 per year.

In short, if you are a community of less than 2500 and your state league/association is participating, your community pays nothing (you will receive IMLA Lite as a benefit through your membership in your local league/association). If your state league is not participating, you can still participate, only if you are a current member of your state league, for $150.

For additional information, contact your state league/association to see if they are participating in IMLA Lite. If not, contact us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or 202-466-5424 x7106 for your separate membership in IMLA Lite.