Kitchen Sink

 2018 Kitcken Sink

Get the “Kitchen Sink” Subscription and Train your Entire Office at one LOW PRICE!!

Times are changing, and IMLA is changing with them. With an ever increasing workload, and decreased allowances for staff training, everyone is looking to do more with less. In order to provide great benefits to our members, IMLA has continued to keep the Kitchen Sink Subscription price at just $599! One subscription to the “Kitchen Sink” will provide your entire office with at least THIRTY (30) distance learning programs, for all of its CLE needs!!! These thirty (30) programs are in addition to the ten (10) FREE webinars IMLA is offering to all members. So Kitchen Sink subscribers will continue to receive at least FORTY (40) distance learning programs for one small price! IMLA is currently working on the 2018 calendar, but for a great reference, view our 2017 webinar calendar by clicking here.

Download and fill out the form to take advantage of this great deal! All forms must be e-mailed (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), faxed (202-785-0152), or mailed to IMLA.

CLICK HERE to download the form.