When new issues emerge or old ones are revisited, a direct exchange of information from colleagues of other jurisdictions is invaluable. IMLA encourages its members to share information and solutions to legal problems. Each member, including all deputy and assistant attorneys within a member's office, may join and participate in the activities of up to three IMLA sections annually. The general subject areas of each section are:

 •   Code Enforcement   Issues of code enforcement or the development of laws and practices intended to resolve problems within a community.
  Economic Development and Finance    
  Ethics   Professional responsibility issues for the local government attorney and ethics laws and concepts affecting local governments and their employees and officials.
  Health & Environment   Public health, building codes and enforcement, municipal water problems and environmental protection, solid and hazardous waste management.
  General Government   Administration, legislative drafting, law office management, business regulation, and emergency management. 
  Land Use   Impact fees, takings, land use, and historic preservation. 
  Litigation, Insurance & Risk Management   Tort liability of local governments, litigation, trial/appellate practice, and risk management.
  Personnel   Employment Law and labor relations. 
  Technology   IT solutions for the government law office and issues of e-discovery and social-networking. 
  Telecommunications & Franchise   Telecommunications, privatization, franchises, contracts and procurement. 


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IMLA maintains a database of its members, including listing by Sections. If you are not a member of a section but would like to be/and or interested in becoming an officer, please email the Director of Membership, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , with your request, or fill out the Section form HERE.



Code Enforcement

Patricia (Trish) Link, Chair
Staff Attorney
Austin, TX

Ashley Ulbricht, Vice- Chair
City Attorney
Carmel, IN

VaLerie Kolczynski, Co-Secretary
City Attorney
Concord, NC

Nicholas Hermsen, Co-Secretary
Deputy City Attorney
Rancho Mirage, CA


Economic Development and Finance

Robert Doty, Chair
Annapolis, MD

Julian Grant, Co-Chair
Senior Assisant City Attorney
Corpus Christi, TX

George Hypolite, Young Attorney Co-Chair
Assistant City Attorney
Denver, CO



Marc Hansen, Chair
County Attorney
Rockville, MD

Adriana Gonzalez, Young Attorney Co-Chair
Assistant City Solicitor
Philadelphia, PA

Health & Environment

Gene Tanaka, Chair
Walnut Creek, CA
Michelle Butlin, Young Attorney Co-Chair
London, Ontario, Canada
General Government

Glenn Gimbut, Chair
Assistant City Attorney
San Luis, AZ

Alecia Mayberry Mosadomi, Young Attorney Co-Chair
Assistant City Attorney
Austin, TX


Land Use

Susan Trevarthen, Chair
Member, Chair of Public Land Use and Zoning Practice
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Julian Grant, Co-Chair
Corpus Christi, TX

Ron Shaver, Young Attorney Co-Chair
City Attorney
Olathe, KS


Litigation, Insurance & Risk Management

Timothy Coates, Chair
GMSR Partner
Los Angeles, CA

Patricia Beety, Co-Chair
General Counsel at League of Minnesota Cities
Saint Paul, Minnesota



Robin Cross
Township Attorney
The Woodlands, TX

Lindsay Rose, Young Attorney Co-Chair
City Attorney
Colorado Springs, CO


Pete Haskel, Chair
Executive Assistant City Attorney
Dallas, TX  

Chris Weema, Young Attorney Co-Chair
Assistant City Attorney
Autin, TX

Telecommunictions & Franchise

Mike Watza, Chair
Detroit, Michigan  

Daniel White, Young Attorney Co-Chair
Assistant City Attorney
Yuma, AZ